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Camdy Mobile Application – Photo Sharing & Gifting Application

camdy mobile application

Camdy Mobile Application – Photo Sharing & Gifting Application

Why Choose Camdy Mobile Application?

Camdy is an unlimited photo sharing, printing and storing as well as a gifting app that is dedicated to preserve one’s memories digitally and physically. It offers 3 amazing options in one application, the ability to share photos, customize gifts and print your photos onto merchandises.

How does Camdy work?
The mobile application works simply by :
Photo Sharing – allows users to effortlessly share pictures with friends and family across the world.
Customized Gifts – allows users to customize gifts to share with family and/or friends.
Unlimited Storage – users being able to preserve thousands of pictures and share those precious memories spent with family and friends.
Print Shop – enables users to print their pictures or illustrations onto products. Hassle-Free

– Free access to the mobile application
– 3 in 1 mobile application that allows for photo sharing, photo storage and customize gifting
– The application supports printing of texts, illustrations, and pictures on various products
– A secure privacy feature
– Delivered right onto your doorstep

Overall the mobile application is what you need to preserve memories among family and friends. It’s 3 in 1 features that allows users to share memories through photos, customizing gifts as well as printing on them. Get your Camdy app today, available for free on the Apple and Google Play Stores!